Novel Left Atrial Appendage Closure

Left Atrial Appendage
blood clot causing stroke

Atrial Fibrillation patient

Atrial Fibrillation - AF
Left Atrial Appendage - LAA
Left Atrium - LA

Append Medical develops the next generation transcatheter Left Atrial Appendage (LAA) closure system

Each year, 33 million people worldwide suffer a stroke, 20% of which are caused by Non Valvular Atrial Fibrillation (NVAF), a life-threatening heart rhythm disease.
In AF, blood clots are formed in the LAA, a small sac in the wall of the left atrium of the heart.
90% of strokes in NVAF patients are caused by migration of these clots to the brain.

Due to the LAA’s complex structure, it is difficult to close it completely by the current marketed devices and blood clots can still leak to the brain. Another risk of these devices is the potential formation of device-related thromboembolism because of foreign material implants that are left in the heart.

The Append Medical procedure is designed to

Prevent blood clot leakage by achieving complete LAA closure

Avoid device-related thromboembolism by leaving minimal foreign material at the closure site

Be a simple procedure with fewer LAA pre-procedure measurements

The Append Medical solution is in pre-clinical in-vivo trials phase. It is intended to become a differentiated solution in the LAA closure market, which has been estimated to reach $25B within several years. This is the second-fastest growing segment of the medical device market, with potential sales of $500M in 2019.

Management team

Append Medical Team

Zachi Berger,Phd MBA

CEO & Founder

Shay Raviv, BSc MBA

R&D Manager

Oded Meiri, ME BSc

Co-Founder & Consultant

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Leonid Sternik, MD

Inventor & Advisor

Head of Heart Surgery Department
Sheba Medical Center

Prof. Horst Sievert, MD

Chairman of the SAB

Director of the Cardiovascular Center
Frankfurt, Germany

Prof. Amir Halkin, MD

Medical Advisor

Head of Structural Heart Disease Service
Interventional Cardiology
Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

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